Fotona LightWalker LasersFotona LightWalker® Lasers

Our office is home to two state-of-the-art LightWalker® combined Erbium and Neodymium laser with clinical applications for both periodontal procedures and facial esthetics.

From the standpoint of periodontal procedures, the LightWalker® can offer a minimally invasive treatment of periodontal disease. TwinLight® laser therapy harnesses the power of both Er: and Nd:YAG laser technology to kill bacteria, clear periodontal pockets of debris, and encourage the growth of new, healthy bone and soft tissue. Learn more about TwinLight® laser therapy here (link to TwinLight® page).

The LightWalker® can also aid in soft tissue surgeries, making frenectomies, gum recontouring, and certain biopsies nearly painless and bloodless.

The LightWalker® can be used to treat snoring and facial wrinkles with the NightLase® and SmoothLase protocols, as well treating orofacial pain. Learn more about NightLase®, SmoothLase, and LipLase® here (link to facial esthetics page).

3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

In lieu of traditional impressions that can leave patients messy and trigger a gag reflex, the 3shape TRIOS intraoral scanner allows us to capture the anatomy of your teeth and bite in mere minutes. Scans can then be printed with our 3D printer or used with your 3D xray to plan your future implant and design the crown.

Planmeca ProMax 3D MIDPlanmeca ProMax 3D Mid

A Cone Beam Computed Topography unit creates a 3D reconstruction of your teeth, mouth, and jaw to help localize important anatomical structures. CBCT scans are used to plan implants, assess bony defects associated with periodontal disease, and diagnose other abnormalities of the had and neck.

Our Planmeca CBCT unit uses a proprietary low-dose imaging protocol that enables crisp, high resolution 3D imaging with an even lower patient radiation dose than standard panoramic imaging helping us adhere to the ALARA concept – As Low As Reasonable Acceptable.

Form3b+3D PrinterForm3b+ 3D printer

The Form 3+ 3D printer is an industrial 3D printer that we use to print out models of your teeth and jaw scanned by the Trios intraoral scanner. We also use the Form3+ to print surgical guides, palatal stents, and occlusal guards to functionally serve us and our patients during and after surgery.

Digital Implant PlanningDigital Implant Planning

Our doctors utilize computer-guided, digital dental implant planning software combing a CBCT 3D scan with your intraoral scan in order to visualize your anatomy and plan your implant in the most ideal, precise position possible with respect to the future restoration. Our plan can then be transferred to a surgical guide, printed on our 3D printer, and utilized during your surgery for a seamless, smooth procedure. The use of surgical guides can improve patient outcomes by minimizing intraoperative complications, increasing the margin of safety, and decrease the duration of the surgery.